discovering, breaking, and developing the world's best independent ARTISTS.

the marathon

Our mission is to discover, break, and develop the world’s best independent artists through premium live music entertainment experiences that bring people together, promote culture, and build loyal fanbase communities.
…the truth that the world’s best independent musicians deserve and should be able to build sustainable careers doing what they love.
…the power of live entertainment and its ability to bridge communities and bring people together.
…every artist, entertainer, fan, sponsor, partner, and especially our employees, putting them at the center of every decision we make.
…nostalgic live entertainment experiences that create everlasting memories between entertainers, fans, and our partners.
…strategic partnerships that give venues and brands access to thousands of fans who  live music entertainment
…providing the world’s best independent artists with career changing performance opportunities, career growth management, access to key networks, and the financial resources they need to create sustainable careers doing what they love.

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A People First Vision

At PRMTD. we achieve success through our people, cohesive team orientation, a focused differentiation strategy, innovation, and strategic risk taking.

According to the 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study, when companies support social and environmental issues, Millennials respond with increased trust of 91% and loyalty of 89%.

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