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The PRMTD. Network began as a concept to build a community and an infrastructure where creative & unconventional content would be developed to promote indie artists, music culture, & businesses, while connecting relevant niche industries to the broader music marketing ecosystem in a redefined way for the indie music scene! This community really serves as a hub for artists and businesses who have a tremendous opportunity right now to not only deepen their connections with fans and customers, but to also make new ones!

Redefining what it feels like to be an indie artist!

Enjoy exclusive discounts on all your digital marketing & media needs by becoming a member of the family! We are a scrappy community of creatives and business owners who are working together to grow our brands! Every member of the PRMTD. Network is looking for innovative ways to engage their audiences online while increasing their reach and visibility. We have a saying here at PRMTD. ‘Your Network is your Net Worth.’ Let’s Build.

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