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PRMTD. venue partners represent some of the best places for live entertainment in the country!

Our shows connect venue partners to thousands of fans through premium live music entertainment experiences while exposing them to local, regional, and national brands.

How to partner with us!

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PRMTD. Venue Partner

Join us in breaking the best independent artists in your city! Become a PRMTD. Venue Partner and grow your community!

We know putting together quality live entertainment experiences are not easy. Coordinate your live event from idea inception to event breakdown with our dedicated and experienced operations and ticketing teams, talent agents, event strategists, creatives, media relations coordinators, and more!
Partner with a professional live entertainment company to host your next concert, tour, comedy show, listening party, and more! We partner with amazing local entertainment venues across the country to host some of the best event experiences in live entertainment!
Support the world’s best independent artists in creating sustainable careers through live entertainment. Our partners help us in giving them the platforms, access, money, development, mentorship, and infrastructures they need to be successful in todays entertainment industry.

Let's build community through live entertainment together!

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